How does The Perfect Community look like?

In blogging, or on a social media, there are a lot of things you have to pay attention to. Between what to write and when to post it, there’s another thing: your community. If you are alone, you don’t have to think abuot it, but if you are good, people will start to follow. In that specific moment, you have to start to create the perfect community. But how does exactly the perfect community look like?

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How often do you need to post?

Since i am a blogger as well, i want to share with you all my thoughts around blogging and being successful. I have writter about the target, the topic, about the perfect post and other interesting things. Now the question is: how often do i have to publish to be successful? Let’s talk about it.

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The Light-Bringer Tiffany Young!

In Kpop there are so many talented artists. But in this moment i don’t actually really care too much. Today’s post is a celebration, because this woman must be celebrated! And i am talking about the one and only Tiffany Young.

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The Goddess Taeyeon

In the last post we have realised that Jessica is a angel, but Taeyeon is goddes! I think that God have decided to put the perfect artist and singer in this world just to show us what a human being can be with the voice. But let’s start from the very beginning!

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Are Social Media EVil?

The question of the question: are social media the most disgusting and dangerous thing in this world? Uhm…this ia pretty tricky question. Not because it’s hard to find an answer to that, but because it’s the answers nobody wants to hear. Let me explain it!

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The outstanding Jessica Jung

I have to be honest with this one: i have a huge crush on her. So, everything i will right, will be written with lot of apprectation. And this kind of thing has been going on since 2010, when first i watched her on youtube. Jessica Jung is one fo those few celebrities i would love to meet and have a little chat. But i know that you are wondering “who in the hell is Jessica Jung”? Just let me explain to you:

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Technology: Yes or no?

This is probably one of the most complex question you can possibly have in this worls. It this technology a good or a bad thing? Because everyone of us has its own opinion, but basically we can divide the entire opinions in two big teams: team “hell yeah!” and team “hell no!”. Who is right or wrong?

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Being a Woman #4: Lingerie

Since in the last post i was so good and I did everything right (this is ironic, of course), why don’t i continue to look like a fool few more other times talking about women? Well, here we are with the chapter number four of a crazy and self-destructive journey.

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